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We are Nerve Centrex, a 11 year old company specialising in healthcare IT services, ICT and network video surveillance solutions. Born in the year 2005, we are head quarted in Bangalore with pan India presence with a strong team of professionals and experts in the ICT sector serving clients in the large scale industries, governments and enterprises.

what we do

Network Video Surveillance

We have been into video surveillance for over a decade now, and do feel to carry some serious experience in handling complex projects ranging from Governments to homes and enterprises. The market has moved from the analog to IP with some really good advancements like the edge analytics enabling surveillance cameras to do more than we think. Whether it a simple watch dog functionality or detecting smoke and alerting the fire extinguisher or even detecting & regulating the optimum temperature the air conditioner has to maintain in the cold storage, can be done today. It’s the not the end at all, Infact we think its just the beginning of some thing amazing to come in like the IoT. We at Nerve Centrex have been working constantly to be at the cutting edge of technology in video surveillance sector only to ensure we give the best to our customers making them successful. We have been a Silver solutions partner of Axis Communications, a world leader in network video surveillance and cutting edge innovative solutions and products.

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Integrated Security Systems

Whether you’re a home, single office building or a complicated network of offices, warehouses, buildings, campuses, we offer custom-built integrated security systems that fits your requirement to the fullest. Video security, Fire safety, Structured fibre cabling, Access & entry solutions, Detection and people screening systems, Warehouse security, Vehicle tracking, Aerial Drone surveillance, Handheld security systems, all these and anything to do with security and surveillance systems is what we do

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On-demand Video Security

SafePro/Prosequr is a state-of-the-art network video security integration product developed, built and owned by Nerve Centrex. This comes with features that can integrate all your network video cameras onto one platform irrespective of the operating system and the type of surveillance cameras used.
It’s user friendly and allows use the flexibility of viewing all their surveillance videos in one frame eliminating the need to have multiple windows. It alerts the users on the functionability of the cameras and can be remotely operatable from any location with multi device compatibility with an Internet connection.

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Synapse Managed healthcare IT services

Synapse is managed healthcare IT solution that caters to end-to-end IT systems in hospitals. It encompasses clinical management to non-clinical, administrative and communications within the hospital or even large cluster of hospitals

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Solutions by Industry


Threat has wheels too! This is the sector which is the maximum exposed to threats. Whether it’s for on-board surveillance for busses, taxis, Trains, Logistics, patrol vehicle, Airports, train & bus stations, we have solutions to minimize threats, avert incidents, act as a deterrent and ontime alerts to save lives


Industries that run the economy are also the ones that comes with complications of monitoring every activity due to its multiple functions. Protect & managing raw material, identifying unauthorised entry, ensuring safety standards, people safety, manage and monitor production lines, vehicle tracking, people counting are some of them we line up as customised solutions to industries


With expansion comes newer possibilities and problems as well whether it’s putting up more ATMs or Branches. Our solutions lets you stay away from these problems and focus on your core strength i.e. money management. Remote video monitoring & management, Automated Alert generation, synchronising all your locations onto one platform for a 360 view of all your assets in one go


Places of learning & innocence have also become places of crime off late. Protect your schools, colleges and its campuses, classrooms, canteens, hallways, libraries, perimeter and parking lots to make sure the future citizens of the world are secure. Our specially designed solutions around the educational sector is ready to fit system clearly understanding the thin line separating security and privacy


The system that manages countries and people can’t do without security. There are umpteen number of threats that concern the Governments, be it securing your confidential files in the cabin or securing high security buildings, people in it, Courts, Prisons, Public buildings, we offer the best in class video security coupled with integrated security and even can give Fully Managed services from setup to managing it

Commercial establishments

The booming retail sector attracts more footfalls than ever before making it the most attractive places for threats and crimes. We offer state-of-the-art solutions for rtails sector from singkle stores to chain of stores to optimise store effeciency, reduce pilferage, customer security making it more safer for your customers and your employees

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About Us

We’re a bunch of technology geeks always wanting to do something not done, looking for answers for something unthinkable, and wanting to fail more than we win as we are today because of our falls yesterday and not because of our wins.

“You know a small beetle can carry 250 times its weight, and we always stay puzzled that why can’t we carry a simple brain in our heads that holds knowledge 250 times our weight?”

We’ve got engineers, software developers, sales & marketing consultants, money managers, service & installation engineers, support technicians, customer relations, house keeping, security, but we don’t have you submit cv

Criteria we look for:

Geeky thinking, eat technology, can solve Rubik’ Cube in less than a minute, does new mistakes everyday, never accepts routine and usual, time is God, work like theres no tomorrow, never does anything without questioning, never wear formals to office, and after all this if you have some skills in your work area you’re applying for.